What is Your 2019 Word?

Resolutions: What do they mean to you? Mine used to consist of losing 10 lbs or starting some new diet. I think I misunderstood the meaning of the work resolution. Or rather, I just used it as an excuse to work out more and eat less. Last year someone challenged me to come up with a single word to focus on, instead of a declaration. It is hard to make your ONE word something as trivial as “diet”. So I searched for my word. I came up with a word that I think a lot of people used as well. PRESENT. I wanted to be more present in my day to day life. I enjoyed using this as my goal to achieving a happier, more fulfilling 2018. And while I’m sure I failed at being present thousands of times, it was a simple word that I could try again at tomorrow.

So this year I thought long and hard about my word. A lot has changed in my life since last January. Namely, I started a new company. I wanted this year’s word to reflect that, but at the same time keep rooted in my family. After all, they are the core of my being. There was one word that jumped out at me: SAVOR. For obvious reasons, it has a strong food connotation. But more importantly, it felt like the perfect extension of last year’s word. Being present is a great start, but more importantly, savoring those moments are priceless. The definition of savor is to taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely; to relish; to delight in. Ex. Enjoy savoring the moment.

I look forward to savoring the moments at home as my children grow. I look forward to savoring the moments with my husband as we strive to continually grow our relationship. I look forward to savoring friendships and having new life experiences with them. And I look forward to savoring the moments in my new job where I get to meet amazing people and enjoy some delicious food along the way. And I really look forward to helping my tour guests savor our culinary scene here in Birmingham, as well as savor the moments they will receive around the dinner tables during the tours. Being on a tour allows you 3 hours to, not only be present, but really relish in the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, learn their lessons, and come away a little wiser and more content.

I hope you all have to opportunity to SAVOR 2019.


Anne Reynolds