9/11: My Story

I was at my college apartment. It was my first semester back since I left for Basic Training and AIT. I was asleep because my Tuesday/Thursday classes started late.  My mom called to tell me to turn on the news. This was the same woman who cried when I told her that I joined the National Guard less than a year earlier.  Her fears then were that her “baby girl” was going to be yelled at and bullied by a big, tough drill sargeant. Her fears on this day? They were beyond her wildest dreams. She just knew I was going to get that dreaded phone call to pack my bag. I remember watching the towers and listening to the reporters figure out on air that this was, in fact, a purposeful act of terrorism.  And in that moment I felt something more powerful than anything I had learned in all of my military training. I felt duty to my unit.  I felt loyalty to my country. I felt honored to be a citizen in a nation who does not stand for these acts of violence.  I did not get that phone call so dreaded by my mom, although I gladly would have taken it.  For all of the men and women who did receive that call as a result of September 11th, I remember and honor you today. 

Anne Reynolds