Part II: Keeping the Magic Alive

"Under construction". This was the topic of my wedding sermon. On my wedding day, our church was undergoing serious renovations.  Father Louie felt it all too appropriate to use this opportunity to compare our relationship to the building in which we were all gathered; always needing care and attention, always changing, and always growing.  I loved the analogy so much that I give it to you today.  

We've all been there.  That relationship that you take for granted.  Whether it be a parent, friend, or spouse, sometimes we neglect those we love the most because we assume they will always be there for us.   I was guilty of this neglect with my city.  I'd fallen into a relationship rut with Birmingham. When I moved here over a decade ago, I looked for all of the fun, exciting ways to date my new town.  We had such good times together and I could not have been happier to be here.  I would boast to friends and family how wonderful my new city was, and when they would visit I could not wait to introduce them!  Then, like any relationship, complacency set in.  I knew this was my new forever-home, and I had all of the time in the world to enjoy it.  I entered into a routine of take-out and cable tv.  When my husband and I had date nights, which were few and far between due to little ones at home, we would hop from restaurant to restaurant, ordering an appetizer and a drink at each place.  It was the way I was able to keep the magic alive when I was in the trenches of being a stay-at-home suburbanite mother of 4.  These nights out venturing around different neighborhoods looking for new (to us) places, are the times I remember the most, because we had a chance to really cultivate that relationship with our city once again.    

With this concept in mind, food tours are my gift to anyone in Birmingham who has fallen into a similar relationship rut with the city.   I want to help others reconnect with our area through tasting the best of what Birmingham has to offer, walking through our ever growing and changing neighborhoods, and enjoying meals with people who appreciate our home as much as we do.    

A city, like a relationship, can really only thrive when we invest in it.  Look around Birmingham today and see all of the new restaurants, businesses, and residential spaces that are under construction.  We are growing and changing at every corner.  This is a sure sign that our city is being well-loved.  I hope to help keep the magic alive through Birmingham Taste Tours.  And I hope to see you on a tour.  Until next time. . . 



Anne Reynolds